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Don’t Grow Up Yet

Don’t Grow Up Yet

Don’t grow up yet, there’s too much to do.
There’s coloring, bath-times, trips to the zoo,
There’s bike-riding, goalscoring, things I can teach,
Places we’ll go where we walk on the beach.

Don’t grow up yet, there’s lots on our list,
Bowling and kite-flying, things that we’ve missed,
Places I’ll take you, I’ve made a big plan,
Be a kid longer, stay here if we can.

Don’t grow up yet, I’m enjoying this glory,
I’m missing already, your bedtime story,
Tie your own laces, get dressed on your own,
Don’t be in a hurry to leave me alone,

Don’t grow up yet, there’s wide open spaces,
Where we can run wild, and make silly faces,
I’ll keep making Dad jokes, and watching those smiles,
Our journeys together, so many more miles.

Don’t grow up yet, I’ll help you to be,
A wonderful grown-up, much better than me,
We’ll get there together, don’t leave me behind,
It’s going too fast, wish we could rewind.

Michael Fitzpatrick • December 15, 2019

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