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Wexford Hit By World Cup Fever

A field not unlike a soccer pitch. With some cows in it. 

World Cup fever has hit northeast Wexford, and in particular, the Cosgrave family from Gorey. Jimmy Cosgrave, once part-owner of Cosgrave’s quality carpets, which closed down in 1976, after several successful weeks trading in the town, has even gone so far as to buy several packets of World Cup stickers, which he hopes to stick on the crossbar of his bicycle, after his sticker album is filled. Speaking with The Heraldy Press several minutes ago, Jimmy said; ‘I’ve been into the oul’ football for a good while now, but it’s only recently that I’ve gone to the next level and started buying stickers. I’ve f***in’ loads of doubles though. Seriously, if I get one more Juergen Klinsmann, or any more of them Iranian fellahs, I might just give it up. Wimbledon’s on in a few weeks in anyway, so I can watch that instead’. Jimmy’s daughter, also called Jimmy, who once played snooker with a lad who was on the books with Waterford United, is also a football enthusiast, even watching games when they’re on early in the morning. ‘I do watch the games, even when they do be on early in the mornings sometimes. If I’m up like’, she said. With Ireland not having qualified for this year’s competition, all eyes in the Cosgrave household will be on The Ivory Coast, unless there’s something else on that Mrs. Cosgrave wants to watch. ‘All our eyes will be on the Ivory Coast, unless there’s something on that my wife, Imelda, wants to watch. She f***in’ hates football’, said Jimmy Senior. The family are avid fans of the Ivory Coast, not due to stars of that nation such as Didier Drogba and Yaya Toure, but because Jimmy Senior’s pal Dessie Hannon once told him that the Ivory Coast was what eastern Wexford was known as back in olden times. It wasn’t of course, it was merely known as eastern Wexford, Jimmy, seemingly, would believe anything. Words by Bosco Coppell, Picture provided by Desmond and Fiona’s Quality Wools and Shooting Range.  

Michael Fitzpatrick • June 12, 2014

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