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Simon’s Story (New York City, formerly Donegal).


“When we were kids in County Donegal, we’d have great fun, just running in fields near our houses, playing in the streams, and even when we were naughty, robbing orchards. It’s a bit different in the South Bronx. I’ve been chased by hungry dogs nine times this week, and had my stomach pumped twice after breathing in too much of the local air, but I suppose it’s a less innocent time. We moved here in ’89. My Mam and her friends, well, they’d had enough, with Irish politics, the economy, and that bastard Rick Astley and his ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ song on the radio all the time. So, we moved here, it’s a bit better, only then they started hating Glenn Medeiros, remember him? He sang ‘Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You’, awful shite altogether. Nowadays Mam and her sisters sit out in their deckchairs in the car park at Target, throwing stones at anyone they see who likes Justin Bieber, or even someone just wearing a hat, they hate people who wear hats”. – Simon, formerly Donegal, now New York City.


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Michael Fitzpatrick • November 13, 2015

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