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Darren’s Story (Idaho, formerly Leitrim).


Left to Right: A toilet, Darren.

“When we emigrated from Leitrim to Idaho back in the early ’80s, there wasn’t much for us kids to do. When we lived in Leitrim, I enjoyed playing all kinds of sports, but upon arriving in our new neighborhood, I realized there were very few children here. So, I began a new hobby. I started collecting toilets. Initially, I’d climb through the windows of derelict houses in the area and just take them, until it got so bad, that we’d 14 unconnected toilets in our bathroom, and there were all kinds of accidents happening, especially when our elderly relatives came to stay. So yeah, I guess now, I ain’t got no hobbies’. – Darren (38) Leitrim, now Idaho.

Michael Fitzpatrick • September 30, 2015

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