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Anti-Carlow Racism Angers Irishman

A river near where the victim of the alleged racist incident once lived. 
Carlow Man Disgusted at America’s Racism.

Dermot Shortt, a 57-year-old poet and part-time agricultural machinery salesman from Bagenalstown, County Carlow, has claimed that racism against Carlow people is alive and well in New York City. Mr. Shortt, who, despite his name, is of average height, says that on a recent trip to the Big Apple, he was dismayed to encounter some angry bigotry from an individual in a bar while watching a hurling match. Speaking about the incident with The Heraldy Press, a distraught Mr. Shortt, said; ‘I was only after sitting down to watch the match, when some fellah beside me asked me where I was from. When I told him County Carlow, he said, ah sure, we’ll probably not see you lads in the All-Ireland this year. To add insult to injury, another fellah who wasn’t part of the conversation, laughed. I’m not sure if he was laughing at the racist remark about Carlow GAA, or if he was laughing at a joke someone was after telling him, but I’m surprised that this sort of carry-on would happen in a parish the size of New York’. The Heraldy Press tried to contact the bar where the offensive behavior is alleged to have occurred, but Mr. Shortt wouldn’t tell us where it was. Story by Bosco Coppell. Picture courtesy of Ankle Bracelets by Dymphna.  

Michael Fitzpatrick • June 11, 2014

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