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US News Channel Warns of Irish Religious Extremism


A week after a ‘conservative commentator’ in the US was criticized for claiming that English city Birmingham had become a ‘no-go’ area for non-practicing Muslims, another right-wing activist has allegedly suggested that Ireland was becoming a breeding ground for individuals of a similar religious persuasion. In recent weeks, claims self-proclaimed ‘terror expert’ Dermot Lopez, several ‘angry bearded chaps’ (ABCs) had been spotted in Ireland, some, he claimed, worryingly close to the pinnacle of Irish society.

Indeed, it was just last Wednesday that Steve Emerson, a previously unheard-of expert in rabble-rousing and scaring folk with made-up stuff, stated that English cities had become over-run with certain religious types, with a number of the more famous and glamorous towns, such as London, Liverpool. Manchester and Doncaster, having a Muslim population of just over 104% each. Indeed, Manchester was alleged to contain more Buddhists than people, while London had become even scarier than when Catholics ruled the city for several hours after St. Swithin’s Day of last year.


Angry Bearded Man steals ball and runs away pushing people.

It has been an ongoing worry, claims Lopez, himself a true-blue American, who is able to trace his family tree all the way back to 1987. Just several weeks ago, another ABC (pictured at top of report) was allowed travel to the United States, where, local types claimed he; ‘Bait the lard out of some other lad’. This, incredibly, was cheered on by an attending crowd, and watched on television by millions, with Lopez, a long-time Facebook friend of one of Sarah Palin’s closest advisers, David Milton (8), disgusted at the proceedings.

‘I am worried for a fine commonwealth such as The Northern Irish Ireland and it’s more southerly neighbor The Irish Republic of Ireland South, as well as, of course, the more easterly and westerly sides, I don’t recall what they’re called, becoming overrun by such zealous religious and political fanaticism. I was an honorable guest of a close personal Facebook friend of mine, where I watched a rugby game with, via Skype, and was dismayed to see one of these ABCs (above) allowed contest the game. Several times he angrily stole the ball from the other gentlemen, and ran away with it, all the time, maintaining his angry face and flowing beard. It ruined the performance for me, and thousands of the fans watching, who were clearly annoyed at this man’s behavior. Worryingly though, thousands of other fans, seemed happy, concerning times indeed’.


Angry bearded chap shouts at big crowd of laughing people.

Ireland, one of the more Catholicized countries east of Pennsylvania Dutch Country, has witnessed a major expansion where other religions are concerned, with Buddhists now outnumbering Christians by a scoreline of 18-1 in some of the more Buddhist-orientated regions of the nation’s designated Chinatown districts. As one avid viewer of said news channel claimed, when we asked him what he thought of Ireland’s current political and religious climate, he said something about change being merely part of a liberal vagina, though we think he meant agenda, before shouting; ‘USA!! USA!!’. With the extreme, fanatical bearded ones now allowed have their own comedy shows, and one even running for President in recent years. Ireland’s reputation as one of the Vatican’s favorite retreats for a few pints and an oul’ prayer, is in serious jeopardy.


Angry Bearded Almost Presidential Chap.


Angry Bearded Chap Who Fears No Man.


Words (and numbers) by Bosco Coppell. 


Michael Fitzpatrick • January 15, 2015

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