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Where Oscar Rests (A Tribute to Paris).

Tuesday, November 17th, 2015


There’s a tower over there, where lovers propose,
And barges filled with tourists, where a famous river flows.
An historic painted lady with an enigmatic smile,
For now, they’ll take a back seat, as we stop and mourn a while.

An Irish wit, a French chanteuse, a US lizard king,
Resting for eternity, with millions visiting,
A city with horizons, resplendent with an Arc,
And now 10,000 candles, will help it through the dark.

A brave Resistance fighting bad, a Legion known all over,
Beaches that ended heroes’ lives, they now rest under clover,
A city known for history, for love, for wondrous fashion,
Why it was picked for terror, this city charged with passion.

The Tower’s there, the Arc still too, the lady’s always grinning,
The river flows, as do the wines, the world will keep on spinning,
The souls still rest in famous graves, and will for the rest of time,
But now they’re joined by hundreds more, a devastating crime.