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Always Faithful, Always Loyal*

Monday, January 11th, 2016
His eyes have closed,
He’s resting now,
And from this world,
He takes his bow.
We think of the things he has done,
That he’s seen.
This brother, this father,
This son, this Marine.
A mysterious man, unlike so many others,
At ease when with family or his Band of Brothers.
A humble individual, without airs or graces,
We’re left with hearts broken and tear-battered faces.
The reasons he left us, we’ll not find out why,
Just picture him smiling, he’ll call Semper Fi*.
The courage, the heart, that incredible mind,
Have left us for elsewhere, we’ll always rewind,
To the years he was there when we were afar
And now when he’s needed just look for a star.
A leader, a warrior, a father of five,
It’s our turn to battle, keep memories alive.
We’ll mourn for him, talk of him, love him the same
Always Faithful, Always Loyal, Bob was his name.
*’Always Faithful’ or ‘Always Loyal’, is what ‘Semper Fi’, the US Marines motto, roughly translates as.