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Marian’s Story (Wicklow).

CT68T6 Family gathered around television

Watchin’ the oul’ telly-box.

“I remember one time, years ago, at home in County Wicklow, we were watching ‘Little House on the Prairie’ on the telly. It was Mam’s favorite show, that, ‘The Waltons’ and ‘Cops’, you know the one, where they do sing ‘Bad Boys, Bad Boys, What You Gonna Do, What You Gonna Do, When They Come For You’, well she did love that too, so it might have been that one. Anyway, she said to Dad that she did love all the lovely scenery on the American telly shows, with the mountains and the rivers and the horses. So we moved to the South Bronx. Lived here 43 years now, but there’s hardly any mountains or rivers here at all, so there isn’t. So every week she writes to the TV people, callin” them a load of lyin’, connivin’ bastards”. – Marian (51), formerly Wicklow, now Bronx, New York.

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Michael Fitzpatrick • September 14, 2015

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