Stand Back from the Sun


No prom dates, no college,

No walk down
the aisle.

No first dance with father,

No first tooth-lost smile.

No driving a first car,

No honk of a horn,

No waving from doorways,

No fix of hearts torn.

No time to be grown-up,

No teen angst or cool,

No playing on beaches,

No splashes in pools.

No rides on the schoolbus,

No homework to do,

No sickdays with mom’s care,

No thoughts how time flew.

No footsteps in snowfall,

No running in rain,

No squinting in sunshine,

No escape from the pain.

No hiding, no seeking,

No playing of games,

No flowers, no dolls house,

No more snaps in frames.

No reasons for leaving,

No harm did they cause,

No tears are enough now,

Just beauty, no flaws.

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