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Big Hand, Little Hands.

Thursday, March 2nd, 2017
Will this be the day, when he pulls his hand away,
And decides to walk on like a man.
No longer a baby, nor a toddler but maybe,
I’ll hold on as long as I can.
With the passing of years, and the changing of gears,
As the journey from childhood moves quicker,
He’ll turn round and wave, and still think that I’m brave,
But inside my worries get thicker.
He’ll walk in with his friends, to the school he attends,
As he strives to become educated,
And as the door closes, I’ll try smell the roses,
But I’ll stand there, just feeling deflated.
It’ll happen some day, the thoughts won’t go away,
When he’ll no longer be my small boy,
‘Till then I’ll keep walking, and playing and talking,
And the childhood days left I’ll enjoy.